Our book: Sundaes to Space Stations

Sundaes adThis book was written as a labor of love by Reed Brockman.  Many people have difficulty answering the simple question “What is an engineer?”

This book not only answers that question, but tries to show the wide world within the field he works, civil engineering.  Instead of getting deep into any math or science, he simply gives short discussions about the many different kinds of work people do, and then gets someone who actually does it to tell about it.  The book is written at a middle school level, and makes an easy but highly informative read for high school students and above.

P1010219For a limited time only — books can be purchased here at www.engineeryourfuture.org for just $14, but there is a very limited supply so act NOW!  If you purchase 10 or more books, the cost is $10 each.  Digital copies can also be purchased on Amazon or from any other online book source.

All proceeds from this quantity of books will go directly to the BSCES Public Awareness and Outreach Program to help run activities for K-12 students.  Consider buying multiple copies and giving them to schools and libraries.

To place your order CLICK HERE! 

By the way, for reading this page, as an added bonus you can have a free digital download of Celeste Baine’s highly acclaimed book IS THERE AN ENGINEER INSIDE YOU?


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