Useful Links

An excellent website designed to introduce high school students to what is truly the exciting world of engineering, depicting the profession for what it is: creative problem solving to make the world a better place.  Site is for everyone, but special attention is paid to the outstanding women in the field.

The National Academy of Engineering presents this awesome web site for middle school girls!


The Tufts University Bridge Library:

Professor Brian Brenner and his graduate students have decveloped a “library” of bridges that they have allowed Boston Society of Civil Engineers Outreach volunteers to take to schools.  They also have an excellent website with supporting materials for their bridge library, and a plethora of other information about bridges.


The PRE-Engineering Portal:

Celeste Baine, an engineer from Eugene, Oregon, has dedicated herself to enlightening students (and engineers, and everyone for that matter) to the vast world that is Engineering.  Her personal website has links to tons of contests, interesting sites, and even engineering jokes.


The Engineering Education Service Center:

This website, put together by Celeste Baine, has a great discussion board and is a great source for purchasing engineering related educational materials.


The Northeastern University NUPrime Program:

NUPrime focuses on encouraging students from minority backgrounds and young women to open their eyes to Engineering.  Our contests and many of our presentations are only possible through the help of NUPrime and Northeastern University, who help us reach students and regularly provide us with function space as well as freely allow us to utilize their resources.


The BSCES Outreach Organization Guide:

We are very proud of our own publication aimed at letting folks know what groups and resources are out there!  This is a continually evolving guide.


World Water Monitoring Days:

Test your local ponds, beach, river, etc.  and post the results on this internationally renowned website.


ASCE’s Kids Pages:

An evolving page, full of all sorts of info, activities and
other great stuff related to CIVIL ENGINEERING.


National Engineers Week Boston:

Info on our big E-Week events.

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