Online Bridge Contest Rules

  1. A team consists of one or two students.
  2. Even if you are entering on your own, you must enter your school info to verify that you are a Massachusetts grade 6-12 student.  If you are home-schooled, provide enough info for the contest administrators to contact your parent guardian.
  3. You MUST enter your local code in the “local contest code” slot on the registration or this local contest won’t even know you exist.
  4. You may change teams but you can only be on one team at a time. Special rules apply if your current team is ranked nationally in the top 50.
  5. All info on the national contest registration site must be true, and all rules on the national site apply (especially ones involving profanity!). Team names cannot include the last name of the team members.
  6. As there may be a delay between the end of the local contest and the acquisition of data from Engineering Encounters (EE),  we reserve the right to adjust the local standings based on the EE data.  If you have any questions about your standings, please let us know; however please be advised that all standings will be final one week before the Awards Dinner.

Special rules for students 12 and under

Because of COPPA restrictions on acquiring personal information on line, children age 12 and below requires special rules and procedures. The local contest collects no personal information prior to awarding top teams. In the event that a student 12 or under is on one of the winning teams, we will request the student or teacher provide us with parent guardian contact information. The student will be invited to the awards dinner and we will request permission to use the full name of their child on certificates and/or press releases to the school principals and town newspapers.

There is an additional rule for students 12 and under communicating with mentors.  If a mentor is requested and is available, the mentor will send you an e-mail asking for your parents to either call, write, e-mail, or send a note through your teacher to verify that they give permission for you to communicate with the mentor.  Mentors can always communicate with you through your teachers until you get permission, provided your teacher doesn’t mind!


Rules subject to change without notice.

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